(NOTE: Producer positions will be announced on this page sometime around the middle of next week)

This is never easy. This year we received applications from 32 talented candidates. The number of openings we have each year is dependent upon the number of seniors who are graduating from the program. This year we sent thirteen seniors off to college and the world of work where they will continue to pursue their passions.

The application process is a grueling one and we appreciate the effort all of you put into your videos. We systematically score each video based on the criteria we published on the original CHSTV application site. Sixteen CHSTV students spent more than six hours evaluating each video. We were incredibly impressed with your work.

Based on those scores, we are extending invitations to the students listed below to join the program next year, or return to the program again next year. If you did not get in this time, try again! If you would like to continue to shoot videos and make films, consider the following options:

1. Freelance for CHSTV next year by working with our livestream team covering sports.

2. Consider applying for the CHS Lancer Link online publication class. Mrs. Ryan is the adviser and she is looking for students who are passionate about storytelling through video. Mrs. Ryan has room for as many as 20 freshmen. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Mrs. Ryan ASAP at dryan@carlsbadusd.net - In your e-mail to her, please let her know which elective you signed up for other than Broadcasting. She will drop you from that elective. The Lancer Link is a great class and this is a great way to stay connected with CHSTV, shoot creative video- share your talents with the school. You can check them out by following this link: https://thelancerlink.com/ Click on "Multimedia" to see some sample videos.



  • Natalia Avalos
    Taylor Bantle
    Jacob Barela
    Jared Barnes
    Kelsey Beekman
    Eli Bensen
    Olivia Censoplano
    Jill Cohen
    Rae'hijah Cooper
    Katie Cruz
    Michael Cruz
    Finely Dicus
    Sydney Dresser
    Davin Eagleston
    Shayla Eslampour
    Nicholas Everekyan
    Rylee Fels
    Gabriela Fernandez-Silva
    Miles Fesler
    Shaylyn  Foley
    Nick Francis
    Birgen Grueskin
    Connor  Hanan
    Aaron Harris
    Peyton Headlee
    Linnea Howard
    Alexander Hrisanthopoulos
    Jacob Idris
    Jillian Jordan
    Lillian Koch
    Peter Kounelis
    Tyler Krichbaum
    Ethan Lambert
    Nicole Less
    Conner  MacGray
    JJ Measer
    Ava Memel
    Ryan Menker
    Nathan Mills
    Kolette Morehead
    Gabby Nelms
    Lillian O'Connell
    Julia O'Connell
    Mia Pacheco
    McKenna Rangel
    Dustin Rupp
    Rachel  Sackin
    Jaden  Santini
    Noah Santini
    Cory Schmitt
    Brooklynn Scott
    Madison Smith
    Sofia Stefanovich
    Sierra Vakili
    Madeleine Ward
    Jacob Watts
    Christopher Weedman
    Logan Welsh
    Andrew  Whitsett
    Tobias Williams
    Connor   Young
    John Zarcaro
    Matthew  Zoren
  • .


    (Listed Alphabetically. We are able to go to the waiting list from time to time
    when openings occur within the program)

    Justin Cabbil

    James Doll

    Dru Fourmont

    Cole Friend

    Micah Gill

    Shane Graft

    Donovan Henning

    Cameron Hickerson

    Phoebe Kootchnick

    Bodey Payne

    Miles Taylor

    Zoe Slater

    Kya Williams

    Rhianna Winn